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Seldom and random samples of me
The intermittent wanderings of my thoughts
This journal might not always remain friends only, but it is for now.

(Actually, it has been for a year or so; I haven't been posting much lately.)
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Me trying to microwave coffee is like watching the Fonz try to say the L-word ("love").

Coffee is a heat once, drink once kinda thing. It's not a frickin' stew or turkey leg for Peet's sake!
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Sometimes, usually under a lot of stress, it seems that you need to do something to make everything feel all right again. Sometimes, however, doing nothing and just letting things be all right is all you have to do.

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Sway-Bic Runga-American Pie Soundtrack

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I've yet to come up with a logical reason why everything should not be okay. In terms of physics, everything is already okay. It's our perceptions that need an adjustment. It's our perceptions that become skewed, not reality. Reality is just fine, it's what you do with it that makes a difference to the perceptions affected by your existence.

Current Mood: Done.
Current Music: BART train passing by

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I was almost productive today. I replaced my headlight. I guess that's pretty good for a day's work.

Hmm... I wish I had some words of wisdom right now... This is about as close as I'm gonna get right now:

The Four Steps to Happiness.

1. Don't fuck up.
2. If you do, fix it.
3. Laugh.
4. Repeat as necesary.

Current Mood: interested
Current Music: pitiful people printing on public 'puters

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the realization that you cannot please everyone is followed by the freedom to focus on those whom you truly wish to please.
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The Dairy Queens here have butterscotch sundays. That makes me happy. I just fixed the toilet. This also makes me happy. It's a beautiful sunday morning -- a wonderful day for a working toilet.
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I wanted to be blind, seeing the world through my fingertips . . . and look at every inch of her body.
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I haven't gone to sleep yet. My mind's caught in that funny vortex of delirium in which tomorrow has come before yesterday has ended -- future, present and past tenses have blended. The only definite thing is, I get the wonderful honor of waking up the sixth of a ton roommate of mine in a half hour.

It's too late to go to bed. Er... too early? I give up.

I took a hot shower and had a kick-ass back massage (albeit somewhat unconventional), so in the hopes for good karma, I'll forego a night of sleep.

Blech! I wish time would leave me alone.

Current Mood: Sleepy sillies
Current Music: Sporadic beat of the wind-rattlin' windows by Mother Nature

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I wish I had all the answers. Maybe that's the point of growing old. Or is it to find all the questions? I don't know. I wish I had all the questions, too. Which came first, the answer or the question?

I wonder what the first question to ever be asked was.

Current Mood: silly silly

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